Interior Design

FiammettaV does not only deal with design objects, but realizes also customized furnishing projects for homes, offices, companies and Horeca structures through the collaboration with architectural firms and interior designers. Carefully selecting the raw material with the customer, FiammettaV adapts and plans a tailor-made project by working with advanced technologies in combination with a selection of artisans, to best satisfy all the clients needs. The high-quality marble extracted from the FiammettaV quarries and the available foreign marbles make this service a plus dedicated to B2B.

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The Marble Masters

Thanks to our two company marble quarries, located in the heart of the renowned Carrara, an inexhaustible source of fine marble, we have the ability to carry out interior design projects, flooring, wall coverings and more. Our team of experienced craftsmen is ready to transform the material into slabs of various size and thickness to suit the specific demands of our clients' projects, providing custom fabrication services. Projects start with the selection of the type of marble together with the client until the installation of the materials, ensuring the highest possible quality at every step of the process. In addition to marbles extracted in the Vanelli family quarries, we can work with a wide range of colored and veined marbles, offering a unique selection to meet the most sophisticated needs.

Elevating Spaces with Marble

FiammettaV not only deals with design objects but also realizes customized furnishing projects for homes, offices, companies, and Horeca structures through collaboration with architectural firms and interior designers. From selecting the raw material to planning and executing projects, our team ensures attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. Whether it's interior design elements or complete marble installations, we aim to elevate spaces with our luxurious marble offerings, providing timeless beauty and enduring quality to every project.