Being sustainable with marble upcycling

Today, the attention of modern companies, especially in our industry, must be directed towards the environmental impact of the materials that are used, whose massive production generates pollution and an increase in non-reusable waste.
In fact, the theme of sustainability and wellbeing emerges with overbearance: these elements must guide the choice of furnishing one's environments towards high-performance and long-lasting materials. Marble is a doubly sustainable choice: firstly because it represents the most precious of natural stones, and is therefore able to guarantee minimum energy consumption for processing; and secondly because it is a millenary stone, destined to survive over time.
To determine the suitability of a material to be considered sustainable, one must look at its overall life cycle: from extraction or production to its use, without forgetting the important profiles of reuse or disposal. Marble cannot but be considered the renewable material par excellence.

FiammettaV strives to be a sustainability-conscious company through research and the use of environmentally friendly production processes.

The brand, dedicated to marble, an unsurpassed material and universal symbol of our territory, is based on an innovative concept of circular economy applied to marble and characterised by different processing and luxury design. A philosophy of eco-sustainability characterised by the use of “the whole mountain”.
The company is committed to the goal of sustainable development to minimise waste by exploiting the potential of marble upcycling, reusing marble in a creative and profitable way. This new trend goes to maximise the value of the material, which in processing generates a lot of waste due to its nature.
In this way, our company grants the marble block a second life, taking into account environmental issues and enhancing the domestic space with a "raw" but refined design.
Even in the protective material for its packaging, the company seeks innovative solutions that share a vision of recycling. Through the use of protective materials such as cardboard, paper tape and solvent-free adhesive tape, cushion paper and finally biodegradable corn chips, FiammettaV seeks to reduce and replace plastic as much as possible in its packaging processes, while guaranteeing the integrity of its products, characterised by the fragility of the material.

This choice once again highlights the brand's values: nature, our mountains and therefore our quarries are a gift and the choice of materials plays a key role in the sustainability of our work.