Paolo Stella: Power of Interior Design

In the world of interior design, there is a narrative that often presents objects on display as in a museum, objects to admire but disconnected from everyday life. However, the true essence of design lies in the interaction between humanity and the object, a combination that can have a profound impact on how we live. In this conversation, we discover the vision of Paolo Stella, a passionate interior designer who strongly believes in the transformative power of this art form.

From a young age, the passion for interior design has been a part of Paolo's life, and studying architecture at university allowed him to deepen this great interest. 


"Decorating spaces is not just a matter of order, but an artistic expression involving volumes and colors, a quest for harmony." - Paolo Stella

Paolo's perspective is focused on understanding how design can effectively change people's lives. His intention is to make people understand that a sofa, a chair, a kitchen, or a table can have a significant impact on how people live, welcome others, and organize their time within a home. The stylistic vision, particularly in this period, is inspired by neoclassicism, a wonderful historical period that evokes an appreciation for columns, carved marble, busts, and mythological figures. Paolo Stella reinterprets this style in a modern key, combining the elegance of the past with contemporary elements.

The Suonare Stella Project:
"Suonare Stella" is Paolo's virtual-social showroom, which aims not only to showcase design but to make people experience it.
The Plectro table, created in collaboration with FiammettaV, plays a central role in this project. A custom-designed table, specifically designed for the environment in which it is placed. A furnishing element designed to enhance the beauty of the bow window.
Furthermore, the "Suonare Stella" project goes beyond the use of third-party designed products but aims to expand into the creation and commercial distribution of branded quality products.
The goal is to bring cleanliness, elegance, and design into the world.