A casa di… Laura Comolli

Here we are back with one of your favourite formats: today we are A casa di Laura Comolli.  
This project is born with the intention of showing you design houses, tastefully decorated with love and extremely personal style. Our friends and collaborators, artists, architects, influencers, designers, collectors illustrate the link they have built over time with their home. As we use to say: unique bonds that are created between people and the place where you decide to build your own life.
Laura Comolli is a content creator from Turin: a law graduate, she started by chance to share photos of what she loved first on a blog and then on Instagram. She is currently involved in content creation on her personal profile and has set up an agency in Turin that follows the creation of content for various clients and businesses in the area.
She has known Fiammetta for several years: an instant understanding, a connection, and with time a beautiful friendship were immediately established. They got to know each other through Instagram, then they were together on the beach in Forte dei Marmi and she decided to visit us in Carrara: “I had the opportunity to visit her beautiful quarry, her “salotto” with its marvellous marble design pieces, literally being able to touch with my own hands everything that lies behind the world of marble and FiammettaV's beautiful objects.”

The house that we show you is located in Turin. It’s the home she returns to after her frequent business trips, and where she can relax, feeling welcome and perfectly at ease.
You can see a very minimal house, almost total white style, essential décor, so our marble pieces fit in perfectly, giving each room the right character.

Laura shows us her living room: a large sofa welcomes her breakfast, with a Paonazzo bowl on the coffee table and marble vases flanking the TV cabinet. There are asymmetrical vases of different sizes, which manage to give different volumes to the room. In the kitchen, however, she shows us our chopping boards: "I often like to receive friends at home and for our aperitifs these marble chopping boards are not only beautiful but also very useful."
In addition to her marble vases and the bowl in the living room, and some vases and cutting boards in the kitchen, she also has chosen liquid soap dispensers in the bathrooms, and a light on the bedside table.
“I like to read before going to sleep and I think this lamp creates a cosy atmosphere. I turn it on every night to let it lull me before I fall asleep.”

The minimalist style of Laura's home perfectly encompasses our marble pieces, whose unique veining and nuances give character to the room: each piece reflects the uniqueness of the person who chooses it.
At the end of the tour, we asked Laura why she likes our pieces so much: “Because they are the most beautiful ones for me. Fiammetta has created marble design pieces with a very unique taste and elegance. I think they can really make a difference in a home, either as pieces of furniture or when you welcome someone into your home for an aperitif or dinner. I always get so many compliments on her pieces.”