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Three luxury hotels meet the design of FiammettaV

Italy is famous throughout the world for the art and luxury that snakes through its streets, from North to South. Big names, from design to fashion to art, make the so-called Bel paese worthy of its name. Sometimes, luxury and art come together, creating small gorges of unforgettable beauty.


Villa Feltrinelli, Brescia

Among the historic Renaissance villas on Lake Garda, the Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli stands out, which since 1892 has carried forward an ideal of unchanging Arcadian beauty. 

The sumptuous and elegant interiors are the spearhead of an ideal of timeless beauty: everything is unchanging, and immersing oneself in the atmosphere of Villa Feltrinelli seems almost as if one wants to live forever in the placid tranquillity of nature.

To embellish these imposing rooms, which seem to have come straight out of a Jane Austen novel, Villa Feltrinelli has equipped all the bathrooms of the suites with soap dispensers by FiammettaV: carved from Paonazzo marble extracted directly from the property's quarries, intrinsically ductile, and also a symbol of unchanging time. 


The Place, Florence

In one of the world's most famous cities of art, just a few steps from the Lungarno, we can find The Place, overlooking the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. 

The famous luxury hotel comes alive with the city's culture and artistic passion and pours it into its majestic manor entrances. Light reverberates inside the rooms, reflecting the timeless beauty of the city. 

Here, FiammettaV has left her mark in personalised Statuario marble keyrings and delicate white Carrara marble egg cups, part of the Kitchen collection. The charm of The Place blends perfectly with the unchanging lightness of the marble objects produced by FiammettaV. The three keywords are luxury, quality and art. 


Cala di Volpe, Sardinia

Cala di Volpe is a famous luxury resort in Sardinia, cleverly furnished with famous design pieces. The exterior was conceived by Jacques Couëlle, who reproduced an old fishing village through the skilful use of terracotta roofs, turrets and porticoes. The interiors bring the sculptor's surrealism to life, with curved, undulating walls, grand staircases and stone walls that gently recall Sardinian rocks eroded by wind and weather. 

Along the Costa Smeralda, this imposing luxury hotel features bright colours and designer lamps made from the world's finest marble, Portoro, carrying forward FiammettaV's distinctive idea of luxury and Made in Italy.



FiammettaV meets luxury hotels

Fiammetta Vanelli has given new life to the noble marble of Carrara, through an artistic and feminine vision. The cornerstones of her brand are as simple as they are noble: Family, where generations of marble carvers come from; Quality, as each piece is studied to perfection and produced by craftsmen; Design, with a new use for marble, beyond classicism and tradition. 

The three luxury hotels have understood this: from Lake Garda to the Costa Smeralda. If Villa Feltrinelli and The Place echo art, culture and Italian tradition, Cala di Volpe, also thanks to Couëlle's design, seeks a break with the imposed schemes. Through the use of unique and unrepeatable objects, the furnishings are suddenly embellished. A touch of classicism meets contemporaneity: and here beauty is born, the very sense of art, culture and the uniqueness of Made in Italy.


Beyond luxury hotels, towards everyday life

The Home Collection marble products are able to make immense journeys and reach the everyday life of the home, a place of rest and quiet. From the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the living area: each element is finely designed to match every type of furniture, from the contrast between classic and modern to crowning contemporary structures. 

Produced from the noble white marble of Carrara, or from the different types of marble found on the Italian peninsula, such as Portoro from Portovenere, up to foreign marbles; everyday objects come to life, savouring the ancestral tradition of Made in Italy, which from the Roman world, passing through Canova, arrives up to the present day, and embellish every type of residence, from the luxury hotel to the comfortable living room of your home.