The art of our master marble craftsmen

The white-stained hands are the unmistakable sign of our craftsmen, who with passion and tireless dedication work the pieces of our marble into unique products. Seven main varieties of marble are produced by the Zona Mossa quarry and the Poggio Silvestre quarry: the White, the Statuario, the Venato, the Arabescato, the Calacatta, the Bardiglio and the Paonazzo. 
Our Carrara marble has unique characteristics: only thanks to the craftsmanship is transformed into pieces of furniture that combine elegance and refinement, and that give your home that inimitable touch.

The Vanelli family's history of Carrara marble quarrying spans almost two centuries. 
This is precisely why we have decided to entrust our marble to expert hands. Not a mechanical and repetitive way, but only the uniqueness of man can make each piece of marble an inimitable product.
The workshop to which we entrust our precious raw material, still in the area of Carrara, is a workshop dating back to the 1960s, where the art of working marble was handed down from father to son. We started by producing a few pieces, all strictly custom-made, then a few experiments, until we defined a line of products that were always unique but recognisable. Production has increased over time, but we have never changed our philosophy: marble must be worked by craftsmen, because only man can put the art and passion that machines can never employ into every single piece of marble.
The collaboration came about spontaneously: we are in the same area, we were born surrounded by marble, and between one trade fair and another we thought of combining our skills to create something unique. 
A family workshop, like our company, that could reflect the same principles that we proudly pursue in our profession.

This is how FiammettaV products are born: a love for marble that comes to life in the quarry and evolves in the workshop, to bring elegance and refinement into your home.