Special tips – must have

This one of the 'must-haves' can be said to have become a real column. We give you tips for decorating your home, for special occasions or simply to enjoy it to the full, giving it taste and elegance.
Today we want to talk to you about some products that for us represent the real 'must-haves' of a refined but always efficient kitchen. The durability of a material such as marble allows our furniture, utensils and accessories to last over time. You can use them for a long time, and they will always remain beautiful to look at and functional in their specific use. Especially if we are talking about the kitchen, the real heart of the home, where stories of the day just gone by are collected and dreams for the days to come are welcomed in front of a beautifully prepared dish.
Our advice today concerns various moments of life at the table: long chopping board, a white marble chopping board, ideal for salami, in your aperitif; rounded salt and pepper set, a white Carrara or two-tone marble rounded salt and pepper set, to flavor every dish; rolling pin, a marble rolling pin with wooden handles, available in white Carrara, black Marquina, grey Bardiglio, Paonazzo, Portoro, pink Portugal and green Guatemala marble, to make handmade pasta or special cakes; set of 2 grappa glasses, in white Carrara marble satin, to conclude your meal; set of 2 egg cups, in white Carrara marble.
As we always say: the kitchen is the home’s core, a symbol of love and dedication; and our Home Collection Kitchen offers a range of exclusive marble products, created by our craftsmen, with the aim of bringing a unique atmosphere in a healthy and comfortable space. In the kitchen section, there are more than 50 products to choose from.
Here, other recommendations for your special place in the house: small chopping board, a white Carrara marble chopping board with a small hole on the handle to hang it; rectangular salt and pepper set, a white Carrara marble satin rectangular salt and pepper set; utensil holder, in white Carrara, black Marquina, or grey Bardiglio marble; little dish, for different uses, available in grey Bardiglio, white Carrara, light pink and black marble, ideal for serving peanuts and small bites for aperitif in general since certificated for food use. And finally, a “special guest”, because we like to play with our accessories, even after giving them a specific function: you can use our rounded marble toothbrush holder, either for its use, or as a cutlery holder, or, why not, to house small flowers to colour the room.
Each piece is in a way unique (since each marble block is different in veins and shades) and handcrafted in Italy. Slight variations in shape, colour and size are to be considered a guarantee of a handcrafted creation.
Advice for perfect conditions conservation: clean them with water, natural soap and a soft cloth. Don’t put them in the dishwasher and don’t use lemon, vinegar, wine or abrasive detergents.
Pay attention with your pieces because marble always knows how to make every ambient unique and elegant, but only if you treat it with care.