Zona 67

Marie Antoinette Gipsy

Veronica Farnocchia and Daniele Umberto Maria Pellegrinetti, together with FiammettaV, give life to the marble jewelry line: Zona67_Marie Antoinette Gipsy, symbol of craftsmanship, passion, creativity, art and beauty. United with the aim of creating through questioning and the never-ending search for innovation.

Veronica Farnocchia: craftsmanship

Veronica Farnocchia, aka Artemudra, is an artisan. Lover of thinking outside the box, her intuition has led her to travel: in this way her artistic soul has allowed her to dream and create jewelry, first by chance and then to find a way to work around the world. Thus she was able to imagine and elaborate designs that would blend with marble jewelry.

In each creation there is a different natural style, always without the use of casting and soldering. Hers is a continuous search for innovation, an art in constant change.


Daniele Umberto Maria Pellegrinetti: creativity

After his studies, Daniele Umberto Maria Pellegrinetti moved to Florence, to become an architect. There his passion for art, fashion and jewelry design led him down another path, towards Polimoda. He came into contact with international people with whom he established a cultural exchange based on passion and artistic incentive, finally reaching design and creation. 

After an initial training in the company of Roberto Cavalli and Salvatore Ferragamo, Daniele moved to Milan, approaching famous fashion magazines, including Vogue Gioielli. In this way he had the opportunity to live the experience of being a stylist and creative, without ever abandoning his passion for drawing.

The passion for art is expressed today in the continuous search for new challenges, including the design of marble jewelry, as well as the creation of paintings for some prestigious galleries in Pietrasanta. 

Drawing remains the principle: sketches, drafts and tests applied to each piece before it is conceived and produced. The process is extremely stimulating, challenging the artistic vein of its creator in all its aspects and components.


Marie Antoinette Gipsy

This is how the Marie Antoinette Gipsy line of marble jewelry was born, in a collection that is intentionally minimal but paradoxically in contrast with eighteenth-century opulence: a deliberately atypical and oxymoronic denomination. Moreover, if Queen Marie Antoinette had lived in these days, she would have been one of the most famous influencers: a trend-setter who would canonize the collection.

Fiammetta V e Zona67

Zona67 Jewelry was born from the creative genius of Fiammetta Vanelli, a woman entrepreneur who extracts the feminine soul from a solid, virile material used for construction and now the raw material for a line of designer marble jewelry. 

Zona67 is one of the quarries owned by the family: this is where the fashion jewelry collection was born, transforming marble, heavy by definition, into lightness to wear: precious artifacts, creations of craftsmanship, authenticity and expression of Made in Italy. 

The purpose of this collection is also and above all to minimize waste by enhancing the value of marble as a unique and unrepeatable natural resource: for this reason, marble jewelry is produced by recycling unused material.