Marble tour with FiammettaV

Visiting a quarry is a unique experience that will allow you to discover the history and the techniques of extraction and transport of marble.
In the most remarkable basin of the Apuan Alps, we will discover the precious marbles of Carrara and the continuous challenge between men and the mountain.

Why did we decide to offer these tours?

Our objects aren’t just chopping boards, plates, bowls but they’re part of our mountains. That is why we believe it is essential to know the history of our products, to see and appreciate the production process from start to finish.



Our itinerary will start from the Salotto di FiammettaV.

The jeep of “Carrara Marble Tour” will take us to Mount Bettogli where we will be able to visit the family quarries: Poggio Silvestre number 66 and Zona Mossa number 67, and then move to the marble basin of Fantiscritti.
During the tour, passengers, guided by the tour guide and immersed in the typical landscape of the marble quarries, will be able to admire the various types and characteristics of marble, the equipment for its extraction, as well as touch the materials and “fully experience the mountain”.
The morning tour ends with the traditional “quarryman breakfast” at the trattoria “Il Poggio”: a tasting of classic dishes such as the lardo of Colonnata PGI, with a glass of red wine pairing.
The afternoon tour features a happy hour in a scenic area of the Fantiscritti quarry with wonderful views of the sea.
On the way back, it will be also possible to visit the Salotto di FiammettaV and discover all our creations. 
- Comfortable shoes and sunglasses are recommended; don’t forget that it will be much cooler at the top -