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Horeca marble sets

The famous Carrara marbles are offered in a wide range of qualities, different from each other according to their chromatic and structural characteristics.
The White one is the most classic and well-known type of Carrara marble, but there are other types such as Statuario, Venato or the grey Bardiglio.
The 3 keywords of the FiammettaV brand are: 
Family. Since 1818, from one generation to the next, the extraction of marble from the family quarries has been going on. “Noble inside: marble challenges technology every day”.
Quality. Craftsmanship and culture of the Apuan mountains for masterpieces created from the finest stone. “Anti-fast: marble tells of time”.
Design. Precious marble declined in everyday objects for homes, restaurants or special occasions - shaped with an eye towards the future and with Carrara tradition in mind. “Art is everywhere: we come from a land of great artists and architects”.

FiammettaV starts today an Horeca collaboration with sets of products designed for hotels, restaurants and companies that need to decorate their location or use top quality design and long-lasting objects.

Write an email to marketing@fiammettav.com to find out more or to request a custom set. Our products can be already found in 3 Italian luxury locations: Villa Feltrinelli in Brescia, The Place in Florence and Cala di Volpe in Sardinia. Click here and read more.
Our Horeca sets are designed for the kitchen, the living area and the bathroom. Here are a few examples: