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Home changes? Choose Italian marble furniture by FiammettaV

Among the most important choices of our life there is definitely to renovate or, even more, buy a house. There are so many doubts, and why not also fears when we have to make such a decision.

Daydreaming costs nothing, so why not try to imagine how it could be over your home?



Inimitability of marble Made in Italy

Coverings, decorations, furniture and accessories, interior arrangement of the furniture, everything can make a difference to allow you to live the house as you deserve. And if you want an investment that lasts over time, you can not give up valuable and quality materials. Natural stone, and specifically marble, are among the main reference materials in design, art and architecture.
Always different, available in numerous variants and resistant, both to external agents and to the passage of time, they are used for the realization of different projects and objects all over the world. So, marble is definitely the safest choice in terms of longevity. 
When you choose marble, you often hear that the Italian one is among the best ever, a fame that takes us back to the Renaissance artists: with it, sculptors like Michelangelo and Donatello have created masterpieces of eternal beauty. Even in the rest of the world, over the centuries, Italian marble has found wide use in the creation of works of art, design and architecture.
The strength of our marble is in our history: conceived with an all-female sensibility, the idea of Fiammetta Vanelli, entrepreneur, carries on with rigor a family history of almost two centuries, linked to the extraction of Carrara marble.

Our products for luxury hotels

Recently, we showed the quality of our products at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, one of the most important exhibitions for the interior design world.
Even some luxury hotels have decided to rely on our inimitable marble.

Villa Feltrinelli, in Brescia:

the historic Renaissance villa on Lake Garda carries forward an ideal of unchanging Arcadian beauty since 1892. The sumptuousness of a historic building that has made its elegance a distinctive element, accompanied by a bucolic atmosphere that takes guests back into the placid tranquility of nature.
In this fine and luxurious climate, the quality of our marble fits perfectly: Villa Feltrinelli has equipped all the bathrooms of the suites with soap dispensers of FiammettaV, carved from Paonazzo marble extracted directly from the quarries of the property.

The Place, in Florence:

a timeless classic that reinvents tailor-made hospitality, just a few steps from the Lungarno, overlooking the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella.
The majestic main entrances reflect the culture and artistic passion of the city. In a place where luxury, quality and art reign supreme, the products of FiammettaV are included: personalized keyrings in statuary marble and delicate egg cups in white Carrara marble, part of the Kitchen collection.

Cala di Volpe, in Sardinia:

famous luxury resort, wisely furnished with famous design pieces.
Overlooking the bay, it seems to be in a timeless village carved by the sea wind, where elegance and glamour are mixed with the colors and scents of nature. A masterpiece of taste started in the 60s by Jacques Couëlle, and today finely reinterpreted with new rooms and suites, new spaces and restaurants, for an unparalleled experience.
Along the Costa Smeralda, this impressive luxury hotel features bright colours and designer lamps made with Portoro marble, the best in the world, carrying on the distinctive idea of luxury and Made in Italy by FiammettaV.
From the luxury hotel to the comfortable living room of your home: do not give up the experience of a house furnished with the elegance and refinement of our marbles, extracted from masters and processed with extreme care, respecting a taste and a quality all Made in Italy.