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Salotto di FiammettaV: where art and craftsmanship meet each other

A place for exchange, meeting and growth, where art, culture, craftsmanship and design meet each other. This is where the Salotto di FiammettaV is born: directly linked to the work carried out with passion, based on Made in Italy manufacturing, and driven towards welcoming diverse talents. 
The Salotto
The Salotto di FiammettaV wants to be a welcoming place: a meeting point for ideas, creativity and innovative elements of craftsmanship. One-of-a-kind pieces on display as cathartic meeting points for artistic debate: everything takes shape from something seen and seen again that suddenly recreates itself and provides new facets to the raw material, marble. 
From literary salons to the Expo: art locked in a room is an end in itself. If it cannot be shared and enjoyed in conviviality, if it cannot be admired and appreciated by the outside eye, it is not art. 
Only by being able to admire the beauty, the work of the artisan, the uniqueness of the piece, the contrast with the past, so art become real. And shareable. 
The Salotto di FiammettaV: a preview
In the Salotto di FiammettaV it will be possible to communicate and dialogue, to admire and observe, but also to meet other artistic talents, to establish profitable collaborations and much more. Come and visit us: we look forward to spending time with you.