A casa di Silvia Gallotti

We present the third guest of our column “A casa di...”: the project in which artists, architects, influencers, designers, collectors and family friends illustrate the link they have built over time with their home.
 We see design houses, but also simple houses, tastefully decorated with love and extremely personal style. Unique bonds that are created between people and the place where you decide to build your own life.

Silvia Gallotti is the second generation of the family business. She has opened the door of “Casa Mia a Milano”, her private residence whose project was developed in collaboration with Dainelli Studio, which is often used for particular evenings or events. At Fiammetta V, for example, we held a presentation just before the Salone del Mobile in this apartment.
But let’s take a step back, to 1955. Pierangelo Gallotti and Luigi Radice found an artistic space dedicated to the processing of crystal. Tradition and innovation mix and create a small and precious production. The first works are lighting fixtures, furniture, mirrors. All unique pieces. All made exclusively by hand.
Over time the company project involved other materials and today, led by the new generations, has been developed into a total living collection.
The environment in which Silvia hosts us opens onto a large entrance that immediately shows the signs of the research with which the whole apartment was built: welcomes a bespoke sideboard designed by the Dainelli Studio for that specific space, that expresses the ability of a company that makes tailored products while maintaining style and identity.
Even the living room, with a large circular sofa ideal for chatting with friends in total relaxation, has several elements made by the Dainelli Studio: one particularly striking, a vase made with our wonderful marbles. 

As Silvia says, marble is a central material in their creations because it combines perfectly with other materials, crystal in particular. From here comes our partnership: combining skills and creativity of the two companies to create unique pieces, elegant and refined.
The harmony of style and color allows you to play on the neutrality of black and white, making the most of the nuances of the marble blocks, each time unique. This happens for example for the dining room marble table: created by designer Pietro Russo, it is an element that alone gives light to the whole environment with its natural white, identified by the inlay on the bevel.
The kitchen is the room of the house where the most concentrated pieces that the Dainelli Studio have made with our marble can be found: a room full of vases, including our Paonazzo, which for two years has been one of our most successful pieces. Striking contrast with the floors, left original in this interesting interior design project, which has preserved the identity of the house, with a very delicate intervention.
Finally, we arrive in the bedroom, an environment completely conceived by the Dainelli Studio, where a particular element stands out: the large wardrobe that serves both as a container and an access door to the bathroom. Here we find refinements that seem to recall the grain of the wood, while maintaining the unmistakable Gallotti&Radice style.