A casa di Leonardo e Marzia Dainelli

Here we are with the second guest of our column, the project in which artists, architects, influencers, designers, collectors and family friends illustrate the link they have built over time with their home.
 We will see design houses, but also simple houses, tastefully decorated with love and extremely personal style. Unique bonds that are created between people and the place where you decide to build your own life.

A couple, Leonardo and Marzia Dainelli, founders of Dainelli Studio, which from 2007 is a point of reference for architects, designers and industry experts. A Milan-based architecture firm with a dual soul: product and interior design. Dainelli Studio realizes interior projects for public and private spaces, establishing dialogue with the environment and the individual product. This connection permits the creation of every element required for the construction of a completely personalized project.
Our collaboration was born from a chance meeting on the train, an exchange of business cards, a chat and the promise to meet again. The perfect occasion was the creation of a design table in marble for the colleague and friend in common Nicola Santini.
The house that we show you is that of Milan, where Marzia and Leonardo moved recently, after having lived in Tuscany for more than ten years. It’s their fourth home, and they are ready to move again. Everywhere they move they carry their unmistakable style and objects that represent precious memories.
The tour starts from the entrance, which immediately shows the true identity of the house: a typical city apartment of the early '900. The two designers wanted to keep the style intact, while making changes that made the house personal: then we find brass objects and paintings signed by Leonardo himself.
 His art starts from a very personal inspiration: the profiles in the paintings that we find scattered around the house are born from the figure of his nose, “a bit aquiline”, as Marzia admits.
We continue the tour in the large living room, where a covered coffee table is the fulcrum of the long sofas. "We like to have many guests" says Marzia, for this reason comfortable and spacious seats have been designed. 
The dining room is left very simple, apart from the long marble table and a bench typical of the period when the house was built. The kitchen is hidden, but finely furnished with pieces that give it depth and clarity: the most private corner of the house.
Finally we enter the bedrooms, we visit that of Bianca, eldest daughter of the couple and of course the patron. 
The baby’s room is themed Alice in Wonderland with an important design, tailor-made by her parents, printed all over the wall on the wallpaper. The colours remain soft and elegant.
 The master bedroom is probably the simplest room in the house, with few but precious objects: memories of trips from which Marzia and Leonardo never separate, and that follow them in every home.
The style that has been created, perfectly adapted to the context of the original house, has as its leitmotif marble and its elegance. An example is the bathroom, completely made with Carrara marble. 
"It is a material that with its neutral shades gives elegance to environments without any effort." And in fact what you notice is an important attention to details, signature of their professionalism, but with a familiar touch.
As Marzia says "a house is felt by the vibrations: we create happy houses, more than beautiful houses, an environment in which the customer feels immediately at ease".