5 activities with an unusual taste that you can try in Versilia

For those of you who have not yet chosen the destination of their holidays, we highly recommend to visit Versilia: not only beaches and crystal clear sea, in the hinterland rise the beautiful Tuscan hills, which, going up, become the Apuan Alps.

Here are 5 activities with an unusual taste that you can try in Versilia.

There are many interesting destinations in terms of landscape and culture: small villages of Versilia much appreciated by tourists for their striking beauty and peculiarities, such as Massaciuccoli and Massarosa. But in the tour to discover Versilia is worth inserting something that you can not find anywhere else.

1. The village of Massaciuccoli and its lake

This is the destination for a naturalistic holiday, where you can relax and admire beautiful landscapes.
This characteristic lake was formed because of the proximity to the sea. It enjoys a very unique ecosystem: being a very swampy area, both the fauna and the flora have adapted to the ecosystem turning into an area particularly suitable for those who love birdwatching. To complete the day at the lake, you can visit the village of Massaciuccoli where there is also the archaeological area of Massaciuccoli Romana, evidence of the ancient human settlement.

2. Forte dei Marmi

Located in the north of Tuscany, overlooking the Ligurian Sea, it is well known for its sandy beaches, which every year attract many tourists. The two main places of historical interest are the Lorenese Fort and the ancient Pier of Forte dei Marmi. 
The Lorenese Fort is located right in the center of the city, and it was built in this area because, thanks to its position, it was possible to counteract any offensive that came from the north.
The ancient Pier of Forte dei Marmi consists of a long walkway. Used for the docking of ships or boats, it became famous because from here departed the merchant ships destined to trade throughout Europe the famous Carrara marbles. 

3. The Park of Corchia Mount: hinterland of Versilia

There is also choice for mountain lovers: Corchia Mount is one of the most important of the Apuan Alps in Versilia, as well as very particular scenery given its conformation. The Apuan chain is subject to the phenomenon of karst, a rock erosion that causes water infiltration below its surface: over the centuries water has eroded the mountain not only on the outer walls, but also inside it, forming tens of kilometers of underground tunnels. Through a suggestive underground path, accessible also for children, you can discover two kilometers of caves and underground halls that insinuate the mountain.

4. The silver mine

This is an interesting tour to discover the history of silver and to witness a real mining of silver in the mine. Near the village of Levigliani, in fact, there are some mines where the extraction of live silver (mercury) was practiced. The first excavations date back to two thousand years ago and for this reason it is not only a naturalistic attraction, but also historical.

5. The marble quarries 

Another destination of particular interest are the famous marble quarries of Versilia. Here you can take part in one of the excursions that are offered to tourists inside the quarries, from which the precious Carrara marble is extracted. We suggest you our inimitable Marble Tour.
Our itinerary will start from the Salotto di FiammettaV.
Our jeep, made available to guests, will take you to Bettogli Mount where you will be able to visit the historical family quarries: Poggio Silvestre number 66 and Zona Mossa number 67, where then you will move to the marble basin of Fantiscritti.
The tour will immerse you in the typical landscape of the marble quarries, where you will be able to admire the various types and characteristics of marble, the equipment for its extraction, as well as touch the materials to fully experience the quarry. Everything made under the supervision of our expert tour guide.
The morning tour ends with the traditional “quarryman breakfast” at the Trattoria Il Poggio: a tasting of classic dishes with a glass of red wine pairing.
The afternoon tour features a scenic happy hour in the Fantiscritti quarry area, with a wonderful view of the sea.
On the way back, it will be also possible to visit the Salotto di FiammettaV to discover all our creations. 
Advise for guests: comfortable shoes and sunglasses are recommended; don’t forget that it will be much cooler at the top.

To surprise your friends organize a trip to our quarries!