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FiammettaV x Dainelli Studio

Dainelli Studio was founded in 2007 by Leonardo and Marzia Dainelli, designers and architects specialising - respectively - in product design and interior design.
The studio - based in Milan - was initially established in Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany, where Leonardo and Marzia have lived and worked for over 12 years. The nature, marble quarries, culture and craftsmanship know-how characteristic of this region mark a strong imprinting in the studio’s design style.
The continuous research on image and form - a distinctive aspect of Dainelli Studio - leads to concrete results of refined design, based on perfectly calibrated proportions and harmony between shapes, materials and finishes. Each project encapsulates a profound design culture and knowledge of industrial production techniques and craftsmanship.




“We loved collaborating with FiammettaV because it is a Tuscan company, which reflects our origins (and works marble in an excellent way!); this year we created some new pieces for it. We made some vases inspired by faces that we usually paint or sculpt and in this case we have turned them into marble shapes. The vases are called ‘People’ because they are meant to represent many faces, many people. We can find them in various sizes and above all in special and precious marbles.”