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FiammettaV x Annick L Petersen

alp design is a studio led by Swiss-born, London-based architect and interior designer Annick L Petersen.
Annick has gained a great deal of experience working for several interior design companies in London, specialising in high-end hotel and residential projects in the UK and abroad, with work ranging from complete refurbishments to bespoke furniture design.
Annick has a hands-on approach to her design and enjoys working with leather, textiles, screen printing and marble. Wood and metal work is done by experienced craftsmen with excellent quality.

“I am Annick and I am a designer from London. I work with different materials, I like to work with wood, metal and of course marble. Last year I visited FiammettaV in Carrara and we worked together on creating vases (now we are already working on a new collection). I am very excited about this new idea and to have the pleasure of working together, I can’t wait to continue.”